Turning on to his street Randy saw another car in his driveway parked next to his pick-up truck. As he got closer his cock gave an involuntary, or was it voluntary, jump. Mindy was here! Shit! Of all Kathy’s girlfriends, Mindy was the one that bothered Randy the most. At 5』6" tall, blonde hair and blue eyes, and a tight lithe body to match, he always had a difficult time controlling his cock around her, especially at the pool. She loved to show off her body and knew she turned heads when wearing her string or thong bikinis. She always caught him staring at her when she came over to swim. She would always tease and flirt with him, one time even telling Kathy in a whiny little girl’s voice that "Kathy, Randy is staring at me again. " To which Kathy looked at Randy and scolded him like a mother to a child "Now Randy you stop that or you』ll go to bed without any sex, I mean dinner tonight. " At which both women laughed hysterically, hugged each other and gave themselves a high five in congratulations of their quick-wit.

Randy also remembered the sex that he and Kathy had later that day after Mindy had gone. It was incredible! While Kathy was giving him head she stopped just as he was ready to cum and reminded him that she wasn』t supposed to be giving him any because he had been staring at Mindy’s tits and ass earlier. At which point he apologized and begged her to finish him off. Each time he got close to cumming she would stop and then slowly, just lightly, lick from the base of his scrotum up the underside and then circle the head with her tongue, driving him crazy. "It’s O. K. Honey," She said "I know Mindy is hot looking and I would never deny you sex especially when I know that she turns you on so much. And besides, I know you love me and think I』m hot too. Actually, I should thank her for getting you turned on for me!"

Randy told Kathy that she was the only one that turned him on not Mindy. Too which Kathy stopped her oral ministrations and told him, "Bullshit, I see the way you look at her and the way your cock gets hard in your swimsuit. " She then started teasing his cock with just her fingertips lightly running them up and down the sensitive underside, tickling his balls and then encircling her thumb and forefinger behind the head and twisting lightly, teasing, driving him to the edge but not enough to go over. "Tell me the truth and I』ll make you cum! Tell me you』d really like to fuck her sweet pussy and suck on her hard nipples... Say it and I』ll make you cum!"

Randy couldn』t take much more. He couldn』t believe his wife was demanding him to admit he wanted to fuck another women. When they read erotic stories as a prelude to sex, the stories about married couples sharing someone else always made her hot. Hell! Made him hotter than a ten peckered billy goat also! They would sometimes talk about how exciting it all sounded but nothing more ever came of it. Randy closed his eyes and started fantasizing that it was Mindy leaning over him and stroking his cock. The two of them fucking while Kathy watched. What her pussy would feel like wrapped around his cock, her firm breasts in his hands. The feel of her hard nipples in his mouth. " Yes! Yes! Goddamn it! I want to fuck her, I want to lick and suck her pussy and tits!" Randy blurted out. "I』ll say anything you want, just please make me cum!"

Randy could feel his balls contracting ,signaling his impending explosion. Kathy then bent her head down and swallowed his cock all the way to the back of her throat. She then started to swallow many times in succession like she was drinking a tall glass of water. The sensation on the underside of his cock was too much and with a guttural groan Randy unloaded what felt to him like a river of cum down his wife’s throat. She continued to pump him with her tongue and swallow until he was drained.

ormally Randy would be done after one round, but Kathy’s insistence that she knew, and or approved, of him fantasizing about fucking Mindy kept his cock hard.

Kathy moved up on the bed and without hesitation placed the head of his cock to the opening of her sopping wet pussy and slammed her hips down, driving his prick to the back of her cunt.

"Oh, Yeah!" Kathy hissed, through clenched teeth. She started fucking him with wild abandon. At times it felt like she would tear his cock from his scrotum. Randy slammed her back, matching her gyrations when their pubic bones mashed together. Kathy’s head was back, her mouth open and the chords on her neck stood out as she strained towards her own orgasm. Her juices were flowing so much that Randy could feel them flowing down the crack of his ass, never had she been so wet.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh,"

" Oh... yeah... Randy... your... cock... feels... so... GOOD...!"

"Please... squeeze... my... tits!

Randy had been already staring at his wife’s breasts, watching them undulate with every stroke of her hips. Her excitement was so great that even her aureoles were swollen and flushed with her lust and looked ready to burst under her stiff nipples. He reached up and grabbed both of her firm tits, squeezing them hard, just the way she liked, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger.

"OH yes... pinch my... nipples!... Fuck me... with your... hard cock! Fuck my pussy... like you』d fuck Mindy’s.

The sight of his beautiful wife on the verge of cumming always brought Randy to his own climax. The look of pure animal lust on her face, as she rode him like a jockey, bent at the waist, her knees gripping his hips as if they were the flanks of a stallion. Her feet, in the stirrups of the tops of his feet, she used to propel herself forward, faster and faster.

Randy could feel the contractions of her pussy on his now very sensitive cock, milking him like a farmer would milk a cows teat. The sensation prodded his second wave of hot cum, scalding the inside of his cock as it burst forth to splash against her cervix. Pumping again and again trying to extinguish the fiery heat of her loins.

Damn! Why did I have to go and think about that again Randy thought; now my dick is harder than an eight penny nail and I still have to go in the house.

Randy took his sport coat and shirt off the seat and used them to cover his crotch nonchalantly as he exited his car. He walked through the gate to the back yard and peeked around the corner, nobody! The girls must be in the house. Hopefully he could get by them and into his bedroom without them noticing his bulging tent.

As Randy entered through the sliding door of the patio he felt the cooling relief of the air conditioning. Great, she did put it on, I guess she really does love me Randy thought, a bemused smile forming on his face. Now, just through the day room, left down the hall to the bedroom and home free. Randy was acutely aware that his cock had started to deflate back to a comfortable size but was still semi-hard enough to be a noticeable bulge in his trousers, the wet spot of pre-cum, cool and sticky against the head. He could hear the downstairs television was on, good, they were probably watching their "stories" downstairs.

Randy walked quickly past the stairwell, his eyes looking down the stairs briefly as he went by. His sport coat and shirt now held loosely by his side as he walked towards his and Kathy’s bedroom secure in the belief that the girls were downstairs. He entered the bedroom, turned left towards his side of the bed and literally froze at the sight before him.

Mindy was lying on her stomach across the bed facing towards Kathy, who was standing in front of her dresser mirror wearing a purple thong bikini. Randy admired the shape of his wife’s succulent ass as she turned her hips first to the right and then to the left. Her firm 36C breasts may just as well have been naked, for all that the small wisps of material covered was her hard nipples, showing just a hint of her aureoles. At 35 years old, 5』8" tall and with a 36-25-36 figure that Kathy worked on to maintain, she could still hold her own against any women half her age. She kept her own blonde hair long, to the middle of her back so Randy could tease her breasts with it. Randy couldn』t help but stare at her near nakedness as if for the first time. Kathy had never worn a thong bikini before and would always tell him she never would when he tried to get her to wear one. She obviously had reached a point of being proud enough to dare wear one.

Mindy likewise was wearing a thong. Her firm tanned ass facing him, her knees were slightly parted as she had both legs bent up and her ankles crossed. His eyes zeroed in on the thong bottom stretched tight against her mound, her lips perfectly outlined by the thin material. A small dark spot in the crease caught his attention. Was that a wet spot? Was Mindy getting sexually excited from watching his wife’s vogue-like poses in the mirror? As Randy continued to stare at the dark spot between Mindy’s legs he saw her ass cheeks flexing ever so slightly, her hips barely, discernibly, pressing down into the furry fake mink bedspread.

"I don』t know Mindy. " Kathy said as she continued to look at herself in the mirror. "It certainly is daring and naughty! But maybe I should go back and get the one that covers my breasts more. " As she said this, Kathy raised both her hands and cupped each breast. Randy watched as Mindy’s knees moved together and her ass cheeks definitely flexed hard as if she was trying to hold off from peeing, or was that cumming? Randy had never suspected that Mindy might be bi-sexual but her actions in the last few seconds appeared to certainly suggest it. This thought, along with the memory of his and Kathy’s lovemaking the day she made him blurt out his fantasy adultery started his cock on it’s way to it’s third hard-on in less than an hour.

Randy continued to stare at Mindy’s ass, the curve of her hips as they met her small waist. The bulging flesh of her breast pressed against the bedspread. He noticed that there were no tan lines on her luscious body. The realization that she must sunbathe in the nude kicked his imagination into high gear and he again for the umpteenth time started fantasizing her completely nude. Lying there in the sun her pert breasts pointed towards the sun. Her hands spreading suntan lotion on her own body slowly, deliberately, teasingly. Cupping her own breasts and squeezing her hard nipples...


Randy was jerked out of his reverie by the sound of his wife’s voice. Randy looked at his wife and saw that she was looking directly at him, then at Mindy, then back to him, a knowing smile on her face. Randy could feel his cheeks start to burn. That same feeling as a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. She had caught him red handed staring at Mindy’s nakedness.

"What?" Randy replied. Now nervously looking back and forth from his wife to Mindy who had turned and was now propped up on one elbow looking at him.

"How long have you been standing there?" Kathy asked demurely

Before Randy could answer Mindy said "Looks like long enough for me. "

Randy looked at Mindy and saw her eyes focused directly on his bulging pants. He quickly moved his coat and shirt back in front of himself to cover up but not quick enough before he glanced at Kathy and saw that she also was looking at his crotch.

"So, I guess you like me in my new bikini"? Kathy said to him as she walked seductively around the bed, exaggerating the bump and grind of her hips as she approached him, her shoulders thrust back forcing her breasts to stand up tighter, her nipples, hard from the cold air, pointing at him like twin daggers.

Randy watched her walk towards him. Her breasts thrust forward, her seductive walk, the close proximity of the two of them in near nakedness in their bedroom had his heart pumping wildly. His mind filling with naughty thoughts, one right after the other. He was acutely aware of his hard cock, which if it could speak, would be screaming to be freed.

Kathy pressed her body against his, her arms went around his neck as she kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

Randy brought his hands around out of reflex and pulled her close to him. Kissing her back, sucking her tongue and thrusting his own when hers retreated.

A groan of pleasure escaped his lips as she pressed her hips forward mashing her crotch into his hardness.

She reached down with her right hand and caressed his bulging pants.

"Oh,... God!... Kathy!... What are you... doing to me...?" Randy moaned. "Mindy is here,... and we... uh ohh God!... uhhh!

"Does this feel good Randy". She hissed in his ear, as she continued her teasing of his cock and now curving under and tickling his balls.

Randy’s eyes involuntarily closed and his head was back against the closet door, his chest rising and falling as his pulse quickened , demanding more oxygen to keep up with his building lust. He could feel her hard nipples pushing into his flesh through his thin sweat soaked t -shirt. Mindy’s presence in the room fueled his desire, his fantasies pushing all thoughts of modesty to some unknown region of his brain.

"She wants to watch us Randy!" Kathy whispered as she unzipped his pants and reached inside. "She wants to watch us fuck. " Her cold hand as she finally grabbed his burgeoning tool caused him to suck in his breath, and sent a wave of pleasure through him. "I want her to watch us Randy, and I know you want her to. Then I want to watch you fuck her Randy. Fuck her good like you fuck me. "

"Ohh Kathy... that feels so... good! Don』t stop!... yeah...! Anything for you... yes... I want to fuck her... please don』t stop!

"Look at her Randy, Look at Mindy,... " Randy opened his eyes and looked towards the bed. Mindy was now totally naked, lying back on the bed. Her legs were splayed open as she frantically frigged her pussy with her hand. She was staring intently at the lewd scene before her. Her other hand had pushed her left breast to her own mouth and her tongue was hungrily licking her distended nipple. The look of lust in her eyes telling him how much she was enjoying watching them perform.

Kathy dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out. Taking a second to admire its girth and length, she slid her lips over the head and tickled the tip with her tongue.

"Oh YES, Oh YEAH, SUCK MY COCK!" Randy screamed, as his eyes never left Mindy’s. As if he was telling her to suck his cock, wanted her to suck his cock,... needed her to... suck his cock.

Kathy was pulling his pants down from his hips with urgency all the while never letting his cock escape her lips and mouth. She deftly removed his shoes and socks as he lifted each foot. She finally got his pants off as he ripped his shirt from his heaving chest.

Randy pulled Kathy up off his cock and kissed her again spearing his tongue to the roof of her mouth, tasting his own pre cum. She greedily accepted his tongue, grinding her juice soaked crotch against him again. He removed her bikini top and grabbed her tits roughly, the force of which reflected the level of his desire, and pulled on her distended nipples.

"Oh... Oh yeah... Randy... suck... on... her... nipple... PLEASE. " Randy heard Mindy say.

Randy bent his head and took Kathy’s right nipple between his lips, his left hand still squeezing, causing her hardened nipple to swell even more, the added hot blood feeding her nerve endings, make it more sensitive.

It was as if Randy’s lips had touched them both at the same time, as both women moaned aloud in unison.

Randy turned his head when he heard, and felt his wife’s and Mindy’s moans of pleasure. Looking at Mindy lying there, her legs obscenely splayed open, wantonly masturbating in front of him and his wife as they likewise, must look to her. His fantasy, he knew, was coming true. All those wasted loads down the drain in the shower were going to be a thing of the past. Kathy’s hand, pumping his cock as he licked and sucked her breast, his watching Mindy’s fingers, the light from the window glistening off of them, as if covered with liquid diamonds.

Randy let go of Kathy’s nipple with slight pop. His breathing also labored with his passion, his chest rising and falling, his hand sliding down her flat belly. Randy watched as Mindy shook her head up and down, her eyes, slits of lust, her jaw clenched so tightly shut, unable to say the word. Randy slid his hand under the wisp of cloth, the wetness of Kathy’s thong bottom immediately apparent on the back of his fingers. Kathy squeezed his cock harder.

"Oh yeah... finger my pussy... Randy... fuck... I』m so... hot!!!

Randy brushed his fingers across Kathy’s lips, her juices immediately covering his fingers, oozing in between them, enveloping them like a thick, warm hot tub. " God, you』re so wet. "

Kathy let out a loud "OH" and let go of Randy’s cock and grabbed his shoulders as her knees buckled. His finger brushing against her blood engorged clit felt so fucking good! Her body shaking with her desire, convulsing in mini orgasms. " DON』T TEASE ME...!OH GOD...!STICK THEM IN...!!!

Randy pushed up and in with three fingers. No resistance was felt at all, her pussy open and hungry to swallow anything placed in it.

Kathy’s hips bucked back and forth on Randy’s hand, her whole body straining with her orgasm, the only thing saving her from falling was Randy’s firm hold on her. The feel of his fingers, knowing that the sound of Mindy’s moans and groans of pleasure were because of the lewd show her and her husband were putting on for her best friend drove Kathy over the edge.


Mindy’s moans mixed along with Kathy’s and filled the room, sounding like the soundtrack from some porno movie. The sight of Randy’s cock, knowing she would soon be feeling that same cock in her hands, in her pussy, sent Mindy into her own mind blowing orgasm. "AAAAAAHHH! OOOOOOOHHH! I』M CUUMMMIINNG! KATHY! OOOOHH! FFFUUUCCKK!

Randy helped Kathy slump onto the bed. Her body, exhausted and spent from her powerful orgasm, lay between Mindy’s quivering legs. Both women, sweaty, despite the coolness of the room, breathing as if they had just run a marathon.

Randy went around the side of the bed and kneeled beside Mindy, his cock inches from her face. "Suck my cock Mindy, please, suck my aching cock. "

Mindy opened her eyes and saw the object of her previous and present desires. A string of pre-cum hanging, glistening in the light. Such a beautiful cock she thought. With only that split second of admiration, she leaned forward and engulfed the throbbing blood engorged man meat offered to her.

"Oh shit!... That’s good!" Randy hissed. His hips bucking back and forth, fucking the luscious mouth of his fantasies.

Mindy slid down on the bed, hooking her right hand under his left leg, she pulled him over so he was straddling her face. Both hands grabbed his taut cheeks and pulled his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Oh yeah!... Suck my cock... Mindy...!"

Kathy had looked up when she felt her husband’s weight on the bed. Watched as her best friend admired her husband’s magnificent cock, watched as she wrapped her mouth around it. Kathy was surprised at how exciting it was to watch another woman suck her husband’s cock. A cock that until now was exclusively hers. It was as if she was watching from across the room, detached from her body, as if watching herself.

Kathy watched as Mindy moved Randy to straddle her face, his balls hanging, swinging back and forth with his thrusts, listening to his whimpers as she sucked his cock, and tickled his sack. She watched as Mindy’s glistening pussy came to within inches of her face as she moved down on the bed, her scent entering Kathy’s brain, feeding the erotic scene before her.

Though never considering herself bi or gay, Kathy would reflect later on how, for just a split second, an image of herself sucking her own pussy juices off her fingers filled her lust filled mind just before she lowered her head to her best friends dripping cunt.

Randy turned his head upon Mindy’s gasp of pleasure, her mouth leaving his cock, her body arching, bucking. Seeing his wife eating out Mindy was the icing on the cake, Kathy’s head bobbing up and down was the most erotic sight he had ever seen. Kathy’s muffled "uuumm... uumm... uummm... " mixed with Mindy’s mews of pleasure as both women enjoyed each other for the first time.

Randy left the bed and went behind his wife, grasping her under the hips, he pulled her up until her ass was even with his raging cock. "Yeah Kathy, suck her pussy... God baby... you look so good sucking her pussy... don』t stop!"

Mindy again had breasts firmly in hand, pulling and pinching. Her feet firmly planted on the bed so as to push her willing pussy into the other woman’s tongue.

Randy guided his cock to his wife’s pussy and slammed his hips forward. Kathy’s mouth losing contact with Mindy’s pussy for only an instant to cry out in exquisite pleasure as her pussy was finally filled with the hard cock she had been waiting for. Randy was slamming her back and forth with such force that she had to hold her tongue out constantly to continue making contact with Mindy’s pussy. Her chin slapping, sliding across her clit with every forward thrust of his hips.

The three friends struggled towards orgasm together, sharing a closeness between them they had never known before, and wondering why they hadn』t shared it sooner, but knew, they would from now on.

Their moans and grunts fed each others journey towards their ultimate goal.

"OH... GOD... I』M CUMMING... " Randy cried as both women’s orgasms hit. Kathy’s pussy contracting and squeezing his cock as she lifted her head to cry out her pleasure, inserting three fingers into her friends gushing pussy, thumbing her clit at the same time, driving her to orgasm as well.

The three of them collapsed on the bed in a tangle of satiated flesh. Holding each other, gently stroking a back, a thigh, smooth buttock. Basking in the afterglow of their experience, sharing their intimacy on a romantic level as their animal lust subsided.

No, this relationship would not be the same, they all thought at once. And with that thought, they all smiled in approval and fell asleep like a litter of newborn kittens, purring with contentment.